Unique IPO Access

  • The types of companies we target tend to produce a higher rate of return, when successful. They are rare and as such are sought after, competitively, by leading investors.
  • Midas principals have provided strategic advice to some of the world’s leading late stage investors managing over $100 billion in capital, a top three investment bank + some of the world’s leading alternative asset managers who buy stakes in the world’s leading venture capital funds and may potentially reduce holdings (through sales) that are duplicated across portfolios. As formal trusted advisors, Midas principals thus have access to decision makers in connection with these opportunities.
  • Midas principals have completed investments alongside some of the world’s most respected late stage specialist funds and are  invited to participate in opportunities.
  • Unlike venture capital funds, many mutual funds and other public funds do not typically have professionals that are skilled in the process of buying stock in private companies. The process involves contract negotiations, due diligence, the negotiation of certain rights including investment return, board and other rights.