Member Comments

Oleg Kradin, Former Red Mile Hedge Fund Partner And Research Analyst Piper Jaffray – “Its great to be able to participate with smart minds from corporate America and the investment community in  a club format. These pre-IPO opportunities are strong.”

William Davis , Former IBM Advisory Board Member and CEO of publicly traded technology company with multiple exits. – “This is a great format to increase my exposure to some of the world’s best private companies while controlling my risk and staying actively involved alongside smart financial minds”  

Steven Ogunro, former CEO Midas, Former Goldman Sachs banker with multiple exits,  “I like the late stage space. These companies are the most likely of private companies to be acquired or go public. Dong this alongside smart company operators and investors makes a lot of sense to me”

Mark Duffin – Former CEO Service Power PLC, “Having taken companies through the IPO process as CEO, I liked the idea of being able to invest in companies that are hard to reach independently without having the right access and amount of capital to independently invest.”