Look for MidasLP Strategic Insight Reports in Sharespost next “Market Cap Monday” release which is scheduled for Monday, December 5th, 2011. Sharespost distributes best in class research on pre-IPO companies.

Highlights from the last Market Cap Monday were:

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SharesPost's "Market Cap Monday" Research Highlights New and Updated Reports on
the Leading Private Companies

Third-party research providers offer perspective on Facebook, Groupon, Twitter, Zynga, Spotify;,
Eventful, Brammo, Box. net and Rock You in November

San Bruno, Calit.-November 7, 2011- SharesPost, the next-generation solution for
private capital markets, today announced the newest monthly distribution of its popular
independent third-party research reports. "Market Cap Monday" falls on the first Monday of
every calendar month and provides SharesPost market participants with regular, free access
to new and updated independent reports on the most exciting private companies.
Reports posted today include Facebook, Groupon, Twitter, Zynga, Spotify, Eventful, Brammo,
Box.net and Rock You. They are available on the SharesPost company bulletin boards,
respectively, or at http:Uwww.sharespost.com/research. Registration on SharesPost's
private market platform is free. Registered members have full access to new and archived
private company research from nine independent research providers.

Highlights from this month's new and/or updated reports include:

Facebook, the leader in social networking, is expected to own 72% of all social
network advertising revenues and 6.1% of worldwide online ad spending, with the
potential to overtake Amazon in profitability in 2012, according to MidasLP. Strategic
moves, such as the acquisition of Friend.ly, partnership with eBay as well as with
NDRC and Opower, plus its rapidly growing user base across all demographics, are
anticipated to have a positive impact on Facebook's profitability and valuation.
Groupon, the largest daily deal website, has saved consumers more than $300M and
claims to have generated millions in revenue for the businesses it features. MidasLP
reports, based on the company's S-l, that Groupon has sold over 90M Groupons, has
142.9M subscribers, increased its revenue from $1.2M in Q2 2009 to $430.2M in Q3
2011 based on gross billings of $3.3M in Q2 2009 compared to gross billings of $1.16
billion in Q3 2011. Groupon went public on November 4th closing its first day of
trading up more than 30%.

Twitter, an online, real-time social networking and micro-blogging service, generates
over 200M tweets and over 1.6 billion search queries per day, reports MidasLP. In
2010, Twitter generated $45M in advertising revenue and is expected to generate
$139.5M in advertising revenue in 2011. In 2011, 96% of Twitter's advertising
revenues will derive from the U.S. That figure is expected to decrease as its
international advertising revenue becomes a greater revenue stream. Twitter was
valued at $8B in a recent funding round ($400M).

Zynga, the largest social-network game developer, has generated over $1.5 billion in
cumulative bookings since inception. According to MidasLP, based on the company's
S-l filing, Zynga's games have over 232M monthly active users on Facebook in 166
countries. The company's Q2 2011 revenue was $279.1M, an increase of 15% over
Q2 2010. Zynga's advertising revenue increased $19.5M or 227% from the first half
2010 to the first half 2011. Zynga filed with the SEC to raise up to $lB in an IPO on
July 1, 2011. Zynga also disclosed it conducted a "third-party" valuation in August
2011 that assumed a $14.05 billion value for Zynga's stock.......
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