Midas Pre-IPO Venture Capital Club

What Does The Club Do? The purpose of the club is for senior level executives, private equity professionals, financiers and entrepreneurs  to participate as a group in pre-IPO or late stage venture opportunities. For us, the best companies have high gross and/or net margins, an enormous number of customers (often> 1 million customers or users), significant global growth prospects, limited competition and a clear IPO or other liquidity path. Examples of successful companies that fit our strategy include Google, Apple and Microsoft prior to their IPOs. Some of the companies that we target have more customers or users than the populations of countries like the United States, United Kingdom or Switzerland. In general, we target private companies that are  superior to many public companies.

While we do not charge fees, our members are all active in our strategy.

Our former CEO, Steven Ogunro and his team at CrossWork are an excellent resource for pre-IPO strategic thinking and insights.

Uber receives 2019 IPO proposals from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley at $120 billion valuation.


What Are The Benefits Of Membership?  

  1. Actively participate in the clubs activities and capital gains
  2. Participate in pre-IPO and other late stage opportunities
  3. No Fees – Because each partner is active in investment decisions no fees are charged.
  4. Build verifiable investment track records in venture capital and private equity that may be potentially used to raise venture capital funds
  5. Participate with limited financial commitment
  6. Participate alongside and with the group support of experienced investors, corporate executives, venture capitalists, industry experts, investment bankers and other professionals who have completed successful IPOs, merger exits, financings, recapitalizations and other strategic transactions.
  7. Mitigate financial risks relative to venture strategy – In our core strategy we only aim to invest in large private companies that are likely to be found in retirement portfolios as opposed to early stage high risk ventures
  8. Has no impact whatsoever on current business/work schedules
  9. Benefit from the economies of scale of group investing such as access to bigger opportunities and reduced average transaction costs
  10. Privacy – anonymity can generally be maintained if so desired subject to regulatory requirements

Who Are The Club Members? The club’s members are diverse including bankers, executives, venture capitalists and other professionals.  They have won accolades and awards over careers aggregating in excess of 70 years and have participated in IPOs and other liquidity events as advisers. A club member participated in an investment culminating in the largest software venture capital transaction in the United States at that time,  since 2007 according to the Wall Street Journal generating over 10x returns to investors. The clubs members have worked on opportunities with private and venture capital funds managing in excess of $100 billion in aggregate and are former professionals of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Forbes 400 Billionaire Red McCombs.


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